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Buddhist Resources on the Net

1. Selected English sites

2. Selected Vietnamese sites

1. Selected English sites:

(*) General Buddhist Resources (BuddhaNet)
(*) General Buddhist Resources (Hsuan Peng and Connie Neil)

(*) Theravada Buddhism (Access to Insight)

See also:
(*) "What is Theravada Buddhism?" and (*) "A History of Theravada Buddhism"
(*) Sadhu! Theravada resources links
(*) Pali-English and English-Pali Dictionaries
(*) Guide to learning the Pali language
(*) Vipassana and Theravadin Buddhist Women Resources
(*) Finding the Way: Why Theravada?
(*) Dhammaduta: Theravada Buddhism in borderlands
(*) Nibbana.Com: Teachings from Myanmar
(*) Going Forth: on monastic life
(*) eVinaya: on monastic disciplines (Bhikkhu Kumara, Malaysia).

(*) Buddhism in Australia (Buddhist Council of NSW)
(*) DharmaNet International (On-line library, news, Dhamma centres)
(*) Virtual Buddhist Library (A.N.U., Canberra)
(*) Thamkrabok Foundation: Care and Treatment Services for persons suffering from drug addiction
(*) Buddhist Society of Western Australia, including general information on Bodhinyana Monastery and Dhammasara Nuns' Monastery.
(*) Sasanarakkha Buddhist Sanctuary. A Buddhist sanctuary located in Malaysia for the training of Theravada Buddhist monks in theory and practice of the Dhammavinaya.
(*) Amaravati Monastery. Forest monastery in the U.K., of Ajahn Chah's tradition.
(*) Bodhinyanarama. Forest monastery in New Zealand.
(*) Abhayagiri. Forest monastery in California, USA.

2. Selected Vietnamese Buddhist Sites:

(*) Buddhism Today - Dao Phat Ngay Nay (Ven. Thich Nhat-Tu), India [Unicode]
(*) Dao-Uyen, by Chan-Nguyen, Germany [Unicode]
(*) Giao-Diem, USA [Unicode]
(*) Hoa Sen, California, USA [Unicode]
(*) Khuong-Viet (Ven. Thich Thien Niem), Paris, France [Unicode]
(*) LotusMedia, Australia  [Unicode]
(*) Nguoi Cu Si - The Buddhist Laity, France [Unicode, VPS, VNI fonts]
(*) Quang-Duc Temple (Ven. Thich Nguyen-Tang), Melbourne, Australia [Unicode]
(*) Thien tong Viet Nam (Disciples of Ven Thich Thanh Tu) [Unicode]
(*) VN Buddhist Bookshops and Booklists [Unicode]

(*) Lang Mai (Plum Village - Ven. Thich Nhat-Hanh), France [VPS font]
(*) Truc Vang Zen House (Ven. Thich Phung-Son), Vista, California, USA [VPS font]

(*) LotusNet (news and information on VN Buddhist activities, and production of audio and video Dhamma tapes), USA [VNI font]
(*) Phat hoc thuong thuc, Taiwan [VNI font]
(*) Phat-Viet (Ven. Thich Nhat Hue) [VNI font]
(*) Thuong-Chieu (Disciples of Ven. Thich Thanh-Tu), Canada [VNI font]

(*) Ao-Anh: VN Buddhist essays and links, USA [VISCII font]
(*) Phuoc-Hue Temple (Ven. Thich Phuoc-Hue), Sydney, Australia [VISCII font]
(*) Sinh Thuc Publication, Virginia, USA [VISCII font]
(*) VN Buddhist Family Associations (Gia Dinh Phat Tu VN) [VISCII font]

(*) Chanh-Tin Buddhist Family, Perth, Western Australia [VIQR text]
(*) Nhu-Lai Thien vien (Tathagata Meditation Center), San Jose, USA [Pali-VNU font]
(*) Phat-Hoc Magazine, Kentucky, USA [graphics]
(*) Viet Zen [graphics]
(*) Vinh-Nghiem Buddhist Family [graphics]


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