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Living Meditation, Living Insight

The Path of Mindfulness in Daily Life

Dr. Thynn Thynn

Copyright (c) Dr. Thynn Thynn 1995
This book may be copied or reprinted for free distribution without permission from the publisher. Otherwise all rights reserved.

Dedicated to my teachers and to my family
Dr. San Lin, Win and Tet.

For further information, write to:
The Dhamma Dana Publication Fund
c/o Barre Center for Buddhist Studies
Lockwood Road
Barre, Massachusetts 01005. USA

About the book and the author:

For Western practitioners of Buddhist insight, the application of mindfulness in daily life, rather than abstract theory, is what connects them most to the teachings. This book speaks most eloquently on how the path of mindfulness may be available to householders with full responsibilities of jobs and families. The most precious commodity in our busy daily life is time, and the complexities of life are so demanding that to find a sense of balance and sanity seems to be a pressing issue. Dr. Thynn's focus is on gaining spiritual insight through keeping mindfulness alive in the midst of our busy daily lives. Her book is a unique presentation of traditional Theravada teachings for lay people, and shows a strong flavor of Zen and Krishnamurti.

Dr. Thynn Thynn is a medical doctor-turned-artist from Burma and a Dhamma teacher. She is the mother of two and currently lives in Scarsdale, New York. She published a book in Burmese in 1978 about her experiences in Buddhist meditation. She is the author of many articles on Buddhism, childhood education and health related issues, published in Thailand and Burma.

Her contact address:

Sae Taw Win II Dhamma Center
7415, Hayden Ave.,
Sebastopol, CA 95472 . USA

Tel: 707 829 9857 - Email: thynn@sonic.net
Web page: http://www.sonic.net/~johns/stw2.html


[1. Introduction]

[2. Freedom to begin]

[3. Living Meditation]

Living Meditation
Staying with the Moment
Staying with More Moments
Meditation in Action
Letting Go and Picking Up
Meditation on Peace-Mind
Silent Mind
Four Noble Truths in Daily Life
Unity of the Noble Eightfold Path
Dynamics of Meditation
Inner Retreat

[4. Reflection on Meditation]

Concentration and Meditation
Mindfulness and Awareness
In the Moment
Meditation without Meditation

[5. Creative Living]

Creative Living
Love and Hate
Love and Compassion
Equanimity and Indifference
Sense Pleasures
Outward Form
Ordinary Awareness

[6. Appendix]

Elaboration of the Noble Eightfold Path
Glossary of Pali Terms

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